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Date: June 14, 2007

Arlington, Virginia - (Website Hosting Directory) - June 13, 2007 - Online risk monitoring and management solutions firm, Cyveillance, has been chosen by TrustedID to be the data provider for its new StolenID Search service, designed to enable consumers to determine whether personal information may have been stolen or compromised.

The Cyveillance Web service provides real time intelligence about more than 2 million unique, validated and recently compromised credit card and social security numbers. This provides TrustedID's customers with the industry's most comprehensive resource to quickly and easily identify if they have become a victim of data theft.

Cyveillance technology continually monitors the open Internet to discover leaked or stolen personal information. As new personal data is discovered, Cyveillance Identity Theft Protection provides updated intelligence so that OEM partners like TrustedID can take immediate proactive steps to protect consumers against fraud. Timely notification of compromised personal data is a critical component of fighting identity theft. For consumers unaware that their personal information has been stolen, the damage is often swift and far reaching.

Scott Mitic, CEO and Co-founder of TrustedID offered, ''Utilizing the Cyveillance Identity Theft Protection as part of our StolenID Search service, we leverage a rich source of at-risk personal information. The real-time intelligence Cyveillance provides about compromised personal credentials is a highly valuable resource for users of our StolenID Search service.''

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