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Computer crime: Hackers atack on political purposes, Russia

Date: June 14, 2005
Source: Computer Crime Research Center
By: Compiled by CCRC staff

Hackers apparently acting on behalf of a radical nationalist group have targeted the web sites of Jewish, Communist Party and human rights organizations, and at least one retaliatory attack has been carried out in protest.

In the latest attack, hackers closed the anti-fascist web site on Sunday, Slavic Union, a radical nationalist movement, said on its web site.

The site remained partially disabled Monday.

Hackers on Friday shut down the sites of the Moscow Helsinki Group ( and the Federation of Jewish Communities in Russia ( The Jewish site remained offline Monday.

"These people like Russians and hate everyone else, but we, human rights advocates, believe that people shouldn't be divided by nationality and religion," Moscow Helsinki Group head Lyudmila Alexeyeva said, Interfax reported.

Alexeyeva said the group would ask the Prosecutor General's Office and the human rights ombudsman to investigate the attack, in which hackers posted a statement at the top of the web site's homepage that said, "The Future Belongs to Us" and referred visitors to two nationalist web sites that belong to the Slavic Union.

"This is an action by a very powerful group of nationalist-socialist hackers," a statement on one of the sites said, urging computer experts to join an "information war."

Hackers also briefly brought down the web sites of the Communist Party's youth movement, the Union of Communist Youth, on June 1 and Sova, a human rights information center, on May 3, the two organizations said., an Internet security portal, said additional politically motivated attacks were carried out in May and June, but did not identify the targeted web sites.

A group calling itself Antishare Team briefly brought down a Slavic Union web site on Friday, posting an obscenity-filled statement denouncing "fascists" on the web site's homepage.

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