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Scammers earn on leaving examinations

Date: June 14, 2004
Source: Computer Crime Research Center
By: Dmitri Kramarenko

School leavers pass examinations, Internet scammers count up profits. Con men raised tens of thousands of dollars on leaving examinations.
In 2003, "right answers" for leaving tests in schools were sold at more than ten websites on the Internet and more than fifty of such sites appeared this year.

Formerly, one variant of solved maths test cost $42 and now actual price is $50. The technology is simple: you transfer money to a certain account and get a solved variant of the test by e-mail, this test is due to be at examinations in your region. At that, scammers "guarantee a successful entry to a prestigious high school"; they also try to design their sites to look like websites of the Ministry of Education devoted to examinations. But how would you find "guarantors" if you get totally another tasks? There are no addresses, no phones of these benefactors provided on the Internet.

"Methods of conducting Unified State Examinations exclude probability of appearance of answers to the tests beforehand, and it's a pity, when thousands of children fall into a trap," Victor Bolotov, Federal Education and Science Supervision Service Chief, says. "We deliver blanks with tests to the points of examination in sealed envelopes. Envelopes are opened in auditoriums in presence of pupils and examination commission. We issue different variants of tests for each time zone, there are 500 variants of tests for maths. The distribution of tests is controlled electronically."

The idea that scammers sell these solutions is proved by the fact that most of these sites are unavailable right after examinations, although in May next year we see new websites appearing on the other Internet addresses.

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