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Discussion : 7 years for doubtful photo business on the Net

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2006-03-03 07:39:04 -
I wish to see photos on sex abuse committed

2005-12-11 14:06:13 -

2005-11-21 13:17:29 -
I just want to see the naked pictures

2005-11-13 21:51:38 -
He should be jailed for life.

2005-09-27 14:51:07 -

2005-09-25 18:37:07 -
i jus like it

2005-09-25 18:35:46 -
i just like it

2005-09-13 20:40:43 -
i am deeply troulbed by how much abuse and, hanus acts against children have increased. its like the more severe the punish ment ,the more likely a child will be molested or countries like england the child laws are laughable.and you wouldent believe some of the things and ,crimes people get away with.what really makes me sick is how unaware people are of the inhumne crimes commited against third word and over populated countries these crimes go unpunished every day. thaths why the future of the next generation is much in jepordy of producing some of the sickest criminals the world has ever seen. stop giving child molesters so much freedom to be like regular people beacuse they are not .i do believe that it truly takes a sick person to take a childs innocence. for if you have no compassion for a child your capable of great evil,and shold be treated accordinly.

2005-09-09 18:12:17 -
Be happy. Rmember is not what u bring onto this world but what u leave bhind

2005-08-30 17:04:35 -
who r u?

2005-08-20 14:20:21 -
what is child ponography?

2005-08-17 15:20:23 -

2005-08-17 15:20:22 -

2005-08-11 20:30:56 -

2004-05-14 17:17:58 -
It is unfortunate that the victims of child ponography are exploited by people they trust. We ar no sure if this man was a drug user. I also learn that money was a driving factor in this and computer was only a medium. Unless we address root cuases of the child ponography, we are fighting a lone battle.

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Total 45 comments
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