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14-year-old hacker sentenced to probation

Date: February 14, 2005

14-year-old who used a computer worm to launch an attack against Microsoft's main Web site in August 2003 was sentenced in federal court on Friday 11 to three years of probation.

The juvenile, whose identity was not revealed because of his age, used a worm that exploited the same software vulnerability as the Blaster Worm.

Blaster Worm was also unleashed in August 2003 and caused thousands of computers around the globe to crash.

Jeffrey Parson was sentenced last month for using a Blaster Worm variant to launch an attack against a Microsoft Web site.

Chief U.S. District Judge Robert Lasnik ordered the juvenile to perform 300 hours of community service to the homeless or less-fortunate members of the community.

He also required that the youngster submit to mental-health counseling.

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