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Discussion : The terrible reach of online scams

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2008-06-10 12:36:15 -

Scammer offered Panasonic DVX100B camera with too many accessories to be true. After waiting a week for the seller to give me purchase information, they referred me to "a 3rd party seller" called "The Online Outpost".

All checks online confirmed The Online Outpost was a scan, and they required the use of Moneygram wire transfer to this agent:

First name: Phil
Last name: Douglas
Address: 4851 E. Bonanza Rd.
City: Las Vegas, NV
Zip code: 89110-3471
Country: United States

SCAM! Avoid this seller and this "agent" of this fake website. I was smart enough to research them before sending them a dime, but I was tempted by the price of this camera and nearly bit the bait.

2008-01-29 22:39:09 -
I was looking for a travel trailer on Craigslist, Seattle. Found a 2000 keystone 28ft for 2400. I only had 1500 and offered which was accepted. The seller used a 3rd party to do the deal "" who supposedly handles the deal for the seller. I got the speil as to why they wanted to use the 3rd party and that item could not be seen as its picked up by the online-outpost and they deliver. I was instructed to send the money western union. It all looked like an offical website when I did this. THey responded to emails etc and I was able to go to the website, a couple days later, bam, website turns up only "ERROR". Do not send money to anyone anywhere, meet the seller in person and verify the documents and item you are buying. Once I knew how they operate, virtually every item I looked at on Craigs list was the same MO.

Total 2 comments
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