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Howard hacker

Date: October 13, 2007

Brett Soric, a local security and computer enthusiast, was reported to the Australian Federal Police after he created a script that exploited a common flaw in Labor and Liberal's official Web sites. Soric claimed he hasn't done anything wrong.

"So far I've been assuming that the police will understand what's happened before trying to find me," Soric, the so-called "hacker" told ZDNet Australia in an e-mail interview today.

ZDNet Australia on Tuesday reported that cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities found in the Web sites of both major political parties allowed the public, via a Web site created by Soric, to insert comments that appear to be generated by the Liberal and Labor parties.

Soric said he only posted the example referred to in the ZDNet Australia story, which showed John Howard saying: "I want to suck your blood", as an example.

By Wednesday, other media outlets had incorrectly reported that the Liberal's official Web site had been "hacked", after receiving a separate link which displayed a page from that read: "John Howard says: I like to suck dick".

"Someone else posted the 'I like to suck dick' [comment]," Soric said.
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