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Date: August 13, 2008

Cyber Space operation and life style? What will it cost the Nation to recover from this and similar future damages?As we can recollect, the “the median cost to remediate the Blaster worm in 2002 was 475,000. Remediation cost $475,000 per company (median average – including hard, soft and productivity costs) with larger node-count companies reporting losses up to $4,228,000
” Today, reliable research has shown that “As much as 60% of corporate data resides unprotected on PC desktops and laptops. (IDC analyst Cynthia Doyle, Business Continuity in 2002: It’s Not Business as Usual, April 2002) Viruses: Survey finds PCs infected at a rate of more than 10% each month.

(ICSA Labs, 2002). “Corporations were hit with a monthly average of 113 virus infections for every 1000 PCs they owned in 2001, according to the seventh annual survey of virus prevalence in the enterprise conducted by ICSA Labs, a division of security services firm TruSecure.

” “The most common effect of a virus infection, reported by 70 percent of respondents, was rendering a PC unavailable to the user, the study found. Sixty-nine percent of respondents said that viruses had cost productivity, while 37 percent reported loss of data due to viruses.”

“It’s obvious that IT professionals have been worn out by the onslaught of Developers and Vendors security bulletins. One of the companies released 72 security updates last year—almost one every five days. Burnout is why some 200,000 SQL Server systems were unpatched and wide open when the Slammer worm struck, even though the company involved had issued a patch for the flaw six months earlier. At the time under survey, even Microsoft’s servers hadn’t all been upgraded, allowing Slammer to take down many of the company’s hosts.”

“The crucial question is whether enterprise executives will devote a certain number of person-days per month to test and distribute whatever critical patches may come out. You should if Windows is your platform.”

The Conference Organisers – Global Network For Cybersolutions/ a not for profit outfit – and other core Stake Holders (Policy Makers at all levels, Professionals, Investors, Captains of Industry and Users) aspires to work together with the Federal Government to propagate and set standards to assist the policy makers their agencies, corporate business and individuals and help them design nationwide and statewide technical security architecture, security policies, industry best practices, and other regulatory requirements, procedures and applications to enable them comply with national and global digital security statutes and standards.
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