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Ukraine: new bill to regulate unauthorized access to information

Date: May 13, 2004
Source: Computer Crime Research Center
By: Dmitri Kramarenko

ZAPORIZHZHYA (CCRC) - Ukrainian Parliament accepted a law on fines for unauthorized access to computer information related to restricted or being owned by the state. 235 people's deputies voted for this amendment in national legislation.

The law envisages introduction of fines for violating of order of storing restricted information, acquisition or use of devices designed to obtain restricted information, and also for unauthorized intrusion into computer systems with the purpose to obtain such information.

Besides the law provides seizure of devices for illegal obtaining of restricted information. At the same time it doesn't bring definition of the "restricted information".

As it was announced earlier, July 2003 Verhovna Rada prohibited mass media to use information related to restricted information and/or being owned by a state, and thus empowered Security Service to detain journalists and to draw reports in case of their use of restricted information.

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