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Date: April 13, 2007

IT Security Training Press Releases -- The Hacker Academy, a recognized leader in information security and hacker training may be a new face on the block, but clients from major government organizations and Fortune 1000 see them on a quick road to its success.

Chicago, IL (FV Newswire) - With a focus on intensive hands-on labs and addressing real-time security issues, The Hacker Academy emphasizes a philosophy that information security is not only a technology issue. "Too much of security training still concentrates on product specific technology and not on the people themselves," says Aaron Cohen, President of The Hacker Academy. "As we continue to train more security professionals, they are telling us more budget should be spent on bringing people up to speed and recognizing that your people need to be as good as your technology solutions ... or better."

The Hacker Academy is proud to train students on the CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker) and the ECSA (Certified Security Analyst). They are now also able to deliver shorter workshops with lead instructor Ralph Echemendia using their own fresh curriculum.

The 2007 schedule, which is updated on their website, has course offerings in several cities in the US and Canada including locations in Orlando, Chicago, Washington DC, Vancouver and Toronto as well as onsite corporate and government training opportunities.
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