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Discussion : Good hacker, Kevin Mitnick

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2009-02-28 10:52:28 -
sir really i dont know about u to more but i know u r good hacker and i respect u r this profession sir my dream and wish to become a very very good hacker and so more powerfull i dont know how so sir can u teach me that what must i do to learn hacking my knowledge is very poor bcos sir u know knoledge is infity in this wholfe life of a man so how can i say that my knowledge about the computer is much i dont think but sir pls i know u can guide me kindly guide me and informe me that what can i do to become a hacker and not simple hacker best of the good hacker of this world

thank u so much sir

2009-01-23 07:34:24 -
Hi I need real help.
Some girl made a burn page of me online on Myspace
I was wondering if you can hack into her page and give her username and password.

here is her link.

Total 2 comments
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