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Hacker appeals sentence

Date: February 13, 2007
Source: PC WORLD

The leader of a gang that committed what has been described as the Netherland's biggest cybercrime is appealing his sentence.

The man, a 20 year old from Loon op Zand who has not been named, was sentenced on Jan. 30 to two years in prison and a €9,000 (US$11,691) fine. Prosecutors had been seeking three years imprisonment and a €30,000 fine.

The second hacker, a 28-year-old man from Rijswijk, was given 18 months in prison and fined €4,000. He did not appeal his sentence.

Because one of the men is appealing, the prosecutor also appealed the sentence on Tuesday. "The penalty they were given is a little less then we had asked for. That's why we want to try and raise the jail term," said Desiree Leppens, spokeswoman for the National Public Prosecution Service in Rotterdam.
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