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Lottery scams

Date: February 13, 2007
By: Carina Corral

Santa Maria residents are targets of yet another scam.

Letters are being sent through the mail about Irish lottery winnings. Scammers want you to pay $2,000 in fees. Along with the letter is a check to cover the costs. The check, made out in your name, is counterfeit.

Action News reporter Carina Corral joins us live to explain why authorities think this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Apparently, scammers will saturate an area with hundreds of these checks and letters -- because all they need is just a couple of people to fall for it to make thousands of dollars.

The next time you check the mail, beware of good news.

"It was too good to be true," says Santa Maria resident Laura Singh. "Unfortunately, right? It is. It's okay. I'll wait for my next break.

Singh got a letter in the mail Saturday saying she'd won an Irish lottery. A couple of things didn't add up.

First, she'd never entered a lottery.
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