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Watch out: internet fraud

Date: January 13, 2007

I will give everyone and the banks in Somerset the word to the wise. If your running a local on-line business or even outside business be careful of scams because they are everywhere.

Don't ever send out goods or give account information over the Internet because those people are just looking for ways to get money the easy way! Another thing is the government or the local police departments can't do anything about it because overseas people are protected by their own governments.

We need to fight against scam artists and fraudulent people. I have three bad checks in two days, but luckily, I didn't cash them. Always let the bank do their job because they are the experts in this type of stuff.

Always keep a good head on your shoulders as well when it comes to people sending larger than the amount and wanting you to send money Western Union. That is one of the bigger scams, so watch out.
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