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Cyber crime touches new high

Date: December 22, 2020
Source: Computer Crime Research Center
By: Abhinay Deshpande

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused job losses, deaths, widespread health concerns and gutted businesses, but there’s was also another danger lurking.

According to the Hyderabad city police, cyber crime has almost doubled in the last one year, and most of it can be attributed to the sudden transition of work from the security of office spaces to the vulnerability of working from home.

Cases related to cyber crime went up from 1,393 registered last year to 2,456 in 2020, and with more 10 days left for this year to end, police said the number would increase. So far, they have received 7,100 petitions.

Since March, cases of financial frauds, online gaming and stalking have seen an upward trend with an increase in the usage of the internet during the pandemic.

Urging internet users to “think before you click”, Hyderabad Additional Commissioner of Police (Crimes and SIT) Shikha Goel said a majority of cases amounted to financial frauds, including One-Time Password and OLX frauds.

“This year alone we have registered 634 cases pertaining to frauds on OLX marketspace,” she said.

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