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Deputy faces possession of child porn charges

Date: December 12, 2004
Source: 13Wvec.Com
By: Wayne Carter

A Virginia Beach sheriff's deputy faces charges of possession of child pornography.

Police said Deputy Alfred Cope had child porn on his home computer.

Police said their Computer Crimes Unit learned the Beach sheriff's deputy was accessing child porn on his home computer.

Police said Cope, 28, sat down with their Computer Crimes Unit and gave them enough information about his actions online to make an arrest.

Neighbors of the deputy said they didn't know Cope well, but hearing about his arrest is difficult especially since he's an officer of the law.

"It just makes you aware,” neighbor Thomas Heard said. “An officer of the law should respect the law."

Beach detectives said they didn't believe Cope was making or distributing child porn. Still parents in his neighborhood said they'll be on guard.

"We'll make sure we keep her inside and well sheltered," neighbor Nathaniel Pace said.

Cope will remain out on bond until his court date which has not yet been set.
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2005-10-10 01:59:30 - i can not beleiave an officer of the law... helen tuller
2005-01-31 19:55:10 - You mean, treated like a nigger in...
2005-01-19 22:27:20 - Better be treated like all others caught... canadian
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