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Discussion : Internet faces increased threat from hackers

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2008-11-15 06:56:44 -
I am not surprised. Each month I attend a lecture at the University Of Wales on emerging IT technology and systems.
In nearly all cases, I can see more easily exploited security problems in the technology.
Web 2, Cloud etc.
They look at making the individual PC part of a world wide system.
I look for a narrow path to the WWW patrolled by a couple of ex KGB Psycopaths with AKs, who have to shoot to kill any hostile packets daring to come down my narrow path! I want to see the pile of bodies!
Perhaps my 40 odd years in IT has made me a bit suspicious, but time and time again I hear some expert going on about a security system that I know that I can easily defeat.
I believe that passive defence in any situation is totally inadequate.
Only massive strike-backs against attacking systems make any sense. BUT you MUST have a legal warning on your site first!

Total 1 comments
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