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E-crime is everywhere

Date: October 12, 2006
By: Tom Young

The Metropolitan Police is setting up an e-crime co-ordination unit to bring together all agencies that deal with internet crime.

The unit will be a partnership between government, business and the police, and will be operational by the end of the year. It may be extended to a national level if it is successful.

Commander Sue Wilkinson of New Scotland Yard says the unit will serve a number of purposes.

‘This will provide a centre of excellence for all agencies that deal with e-crime, where they can share best practice policy, co-ordinate major investigations, and provide a national point of contact for people wishing to report e-crime,’ she said.

‘The biggest challenge is mainstreaming e-crime. It’s everywhere. If every e-crime was reported our polices forces would be swamped. Half the challenge is that most of the time there is no blood on the walls. If there was it would be easier to galvanise people.’

Wilkinson says that most e-crime goes unreported because of a lack of contact points. The Metropolitan Police runs the only national point of contact for fraud and phishing reports, at
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