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Discussion : Internet fraud: con men nabbed

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2006-11-26 23:42:26 -
It is time to lower the age of requirements for teens executing adult crimes. Their names need to be published and severe punishment handed down. If a teen commits an enditable offence then he should be tried in adult court and his/her name should be published to warn the public of their offence. I in fact beleive that public yokes should be brought into force for these criminals. I am on a disability pension and have been scammed twice for this year alone. There is no clear web site to which I can complain and bring these scammers to justice.

2005-11-17 16:40:15 -
It's Like the "Special olympics"
even thru you win,Your still retarded ;)

2005-10-17 06:39:12 -
If a 17 year old can do so much damage, perhaps we should look at the design of the system that let him do it!
If you leave the keys in your Rolls_Royce, can you complain if some teenage toe rag nicks it?

Total 3 comments
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