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Discussion : Man gets 200 years for child porn, molestation

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2007-09-15 21:57:09 -
200 years only for shaking and pushing a mouse? Did he killed, raped or slaughtered anyone?

I find it madly unproportional. A witch-hunt. Why don't burn him in the public square?

2005-11-07 14:15:18 -
I have been the victim of identity theft since 2001, after 911, and haven't seen my children (15, 6 pregnancies multiple births) or my family since that time. I am concerned as the individuals responsible were pedophiles/terrorist that I provided clinical psychogology information/profiles to the government which affect the victims, members of my clientele. As a result I am being retaliate against and came to Washington, DC (c/o CCNV-425 2nd Street, NW, Washington, DC 20001, 202-393-1909x213, 202-393-7117) 10 months ago and find that very little is being done to apprehend these suspect that are using various tricks to allude the law. I comment Judge Smith for his efforts and hope that the individual is not being charged falsely, as the increase in identity theft is coming directly from the pedophiliac list across our country and arount the world. My children are my concern and I cannot get access to that list, even as a victim, as told by officers, marshalls, etc who do assist these persons on high levels. We have to pay close attention to what is being placed in front of us as escalating adoptions and organizations that claim to care for children of the arrested persons are increasing. The files should be compared worldwide. No chance should be taken when it come to our children and I am desperately seeking mine. Your help would be appreciated. TSS.

Total 2 comments
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