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Windows adds up critical flaws

Date: October 12, 2005
Source: Australian IT

Microsoft has warned Windows users of three new "critical" security flaws in its software.

The flaws could allow attackers to take complete control of a computer. The world's largest software maker issued patches to fix the problems as part of its monthly security bulletin. The problems mainly affect the Windows operating system and Microsoft's Internet Explorer web browser.

Computer security experts urged users to download and install the patches, which are available at

"Symantec recommends that users apply the updates as quickly as possible and refrain from opening unknown attachments or clicking on suspicious links that arrive via email or instant messages, senior manager at security software company Symantec Oliver Friedrichs said.

Microsoft said one vulnerability existed in its Internet Explorer web browser, which an attacker could exploit to take over a PC by running software code after luring users to malicious web pages.
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