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Hacker sentenced to jail term

Date: August 12, 2005

David Jeansonne, 44, was sentenced to six months in prison for sending malicious e-mails that caused computers of Microsoft WebTV customers to call the 911 emergency service instead of the local telephone number to access WebTV servers.

The sentence that was given on Monday by the U.S. District Judge Ronald Whyte, includes also a $27,100 fine to be paid to Microsoft and six month home detention. Jeansonne pled guilty in February to charges of intentionally causing damage to computers and causing a threat to public safety.

WebTV, which has been since rebranded as MSN TV, is a service operated by Microsoft for connecting to the Internet through television sets. Jeansonne’s e-mails sent in 2002 contained a program that changed the WebTV access phone number to 911. This resulted in at least 10 fake emergency calls across the country.
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