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$75 million in credit card fraud losses

Date: July 12, 2007

Four members of a South Florida-based criminal gang believed to have been responsible for more than $75 million in credit card fraud losses have been arrested by the U.S. Secret Service.

More than 200,000 credit card account numbers, two pickup trucks, about $10,000 in cash and one handgun were also recovered in connection with the gang's activity, according to a Secret Service statement today.

The gang was uncovered through an earlier investigation that involved the Secret Service's Miami and Nashville field offices. That probe targeted an individual named Julio Lopez, who used the screen name "Blinky" to traffic in counterfeit credit cards and stolen IDs for years over the Internet.

Lopez, based in Hialeah, Fla., and his girlfriend, Anett Villar, were arrested earlier this year, and an investigation into their activities led to the discovery of an organized fraud ring comprising Cuban nationals operating in South Florida, according to the Secret Service.
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