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Police arrest webmaster for porn pics

Date: June 12, 2008

Police have arrested a webmaster for posting pornographic photos for trade and distribution on his website, one of 200-300 sites containing sexually explicit content based in Thailand.

Boonyarit Arunsap, 25, the webmaster of, was apprehended on Tuesday on the 13th floor of the CAT Telecom building on Charoen Krung road in Bang Rak district.

Police from the Children, Juveniles and Women division and Information and Communications Technology Ministry officials allegedly found him using his computer to download and share lewd content via Bit Torrent, a file-sharing programme.

Police charged him with allowing sexually obscene content into a computer system under his supervision for public access with the purpose of trading or sharing pornographic photos.

The offence under the Computer Crime Act is punishable by up to five years in jail and a 100,000 baht fine.

Police seized seven computers from his office and 14 more from an office on the 14th floor for examination.

According to police, Mr Boonyarit said his website was intended for the public to exchange their views. But at least 10 porn websites had used his site to post sexually-explicit photos, messages or links to other obscene sites, police said.

He and other webmasters were aware of the problem and tried to erase the obscene content, but they could not keep up as more than 10,000 porn messages popped up each day.

Police said he agreed to improve the content-screening system and inform police of the offensive sites.

Winai Eu-sabai, who heads the Information Technology Supervising Office, estimated there are 200-300 obscene and porn websites based in Thailand, up slightly from last year.

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