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Hacker tricks

Date: June 12, 2007

The annals of crime are rife with tales of heists pulled off by enterprising criminal minds. But for every caper carried out with style and smarts, there are hundreds of imprisoned examples of the boneheaded desperado -- guys too greedy, too hasty, or just too brain dead to pull off their nefarious deeds without getting caught.

You might be tempted to believe online crime would be the exception. After all, it takes a more sophisticated criminal mind to perpetrate a complex phishing scheme than to, say, rob a bank while chatting on a cell phone. But as any IT pro knows, the more complexity you add to a system, the more likely it is that system will fail in unanticipated ways.

The same rule applies to criminals who employ complex webs of technology to further their misdeeds. And besides, despite their reliance on technology, cyberoutlaws are not robots themselves. More often than not it's what makes them human -- greed, an inflated ego, loose lips -- that ends up getting the better of them.
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