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Maxim Kovalchuk's success encourages

Date: June 12, 2004
Source: Computer Crime Research Center

ZAPORIZHZHYA (CCRC) -- Ternopol, Ukraine, law enforcement detained a thief who hacked into computer network of a local bank and transferred money to his accounts.

He has been working as a programmer for the bank for some time; has become a skilful but undisciplined programmer and was fired for that reason. Then the man decided to make good at the expense of the bank; he knew its computer network perfectly. He started transferring money into his credit card accounts. He stole relatively small sums regarding it would not be cleared up, regional police press service informed. However he was mistaken. When the scammer transferred 13 thousand of UAH (about $2,500) police tracked out and arrested him. Hacker allegedly embezzled 30 thousand UAH ($5,500) from the bank.

Curiously, this programmer in due time was friends with Maxim Kovalchuk, of Ternopol, detained in Thailand last year, being prosecuted in the US and rated by the FBI in the top 10 dangerous criminals.

For more information in our news: U.S. against Maxim Kovalchuk; Ukrainian hacker Maxim Kovalchuk appeared in the court; Maxim Kovalchuk will be out on bail.

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