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Internet job scam

Date: May 12, 2006

Most of us deal with the internet on a daily basis. We use it for information and sometimes, to find a job.

Crime reporter Miranda Combs tells us about a scam going around the Bluegrass that may hit home for you.

To some, it could be the perfect opportunity. You get an email, saying we've got a job for you, and you can do it all from home.

"The key is, to them, this is exactly what I wanted."

And it may be, according to Paul Simms with the Secret Service. Or it could be a perfect scam in the works.

"We have a business, it's overseas, what we need is to establish a U.S. base and by doing that we need someone to run our accounts. So it's very easy, you can do this out of your home," said Simms.

But here's where Simms says things get sketchy.

"They usually do not want you to set up bank account in that business's name," he said. "They want you to set it up in your own personal account."

Simms says it's all about getting cash for checks. The fake company will send you checks, they then want you to wire them the cash.

"So what they'll say is you're going to receive a $5000 check from a business, pay yourself from the proceeds of that check, so you're not actually getting a paycheck from that business," said Simms.
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