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Discussion : Spammers attack anti-spammers

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2006-05-12 21:38:31 -
If the so-called "facts" reported in this story by the CCRC are indicative of the CCRC's so-called "research", we'd better look elsewhere for a solution to computer crime.

2006-05-12 06:16:35 - Tortanick
This is highly inaccurate!

Spammers did not steal ANY user data. What they did was use the offical tools to remove all users from their mailing lists, then compaired the new list with the orional, those who were removed are blue frog users.

2006-05-12 04:40:17 - RT
Wow,... Spammers don't like getting junk mail. Smells like irony. Its very clear what is right and what is wrong. Join the fight.

Total 3 comments
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