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Bogus websites lead to phishing troubles

Date: February 12, 2006

If you thought that ICICI Bank alone had smelt something 'phishy' in a site that impersonated its own, you would be wrong. HDFC Bank, another banking major, has a phishing site too.

The site, called, is very much similar to the URL of the actual HDFC Bank's website —

If that were not enough, other banks like IDBI, ICICI Bank Home loans, HSBC, Standard Chartered, ABN personal loans, Bank of India and Kotak Mahindra too have their phishing sites.

Cyber security experts say phishing sites are created by hackers with the intention of extracting essential information from victims such as their usernames and passwords.

The basic idea is that they lead you to pop-up pages that ape the ones originally put up by the bank. The pages ask you for your phone numbers and email IDs...
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