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Discussion : Child porn sentence for ex-Bartlett parks official

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2010-02-22 12:13:44 -
Eww. THat is gross and people should stop that. PRIVACY is the best POLICY. So keep it private. Don't share it.

2010-02-18 09:34:54 -
i love porn and if kinskymisfit52 says its wrong to watch child porn well then f*** you! miss im gonna be all good and $hit, i know for a fact you have fisted your own vajj from watching porn it gets everyone turned on and its a great thing for the environment so before you contradict the one thing i love maybe you should do some research before you get your A** raped!

2010-02-15 12:46:40 - kinskymisfit52
i think its a shame that this offical is watching porn.......child porn at that!!!!thats sad and degrading. he needs to be punished!!!!

Total 3 comments
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