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Computer crime: Protecting your privacy

Date: January 12, 2010

The FBI says it could be a while before we learn more information about the Duanesburg Central School District bank accounts being hacked and who did it.

Investigators are trying to piece together how someone was able to transfer more than $3 million dollars to various overseas accounts without the district's authorization.

Sgt. Ken Fuchs, who runs the Computer Crimes Unit of the Colonie Police Department, says this is a wake-up call for businesses and residents alike.

"If someone doesn't have a firewall in their house, quite obviously someone could penetrate their computer," he says. "And if they have the wrong information on their computer or have some documents…these people find them. They're extremely clever people."

While it may be impossible to completely prevent being hacked, Fuchs says there is a lot people can do to safeguard themselves and cut down the risk, from using encryption software to checking for spyware. Fuchs says it's also a good idea to disconnect your computer from the Internet when you are not using the web and never store documents containing important account numbers and passwords on your computer.

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