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Beware Xmas fraud online

Date: December 11, 2007

This week, just in time for anyone thinking of looking online for an instant, “guaranteed” loan for Christmas shopping, the Better Business Bureau of Northern Indiana has issued a warning on what it says is a lending scam.

“Alliance Lending is taking ... (and) not lending anything,” the BBB says. “(Alliance) ... has scammed large dollar amounts from consumers all over the nation. It’s the typical online advanced fee loan scam, wiring money to Canada and never receiving anything. We continue to receive complaints daily. Indiana is one of 27 known states affected by this scam.”

Using an address of 1310 Papin St., St. Louis, the company has a Web site that appears to be blocked now by some servers, but perhaps not all, since victims are still making reports. The physical address is in a building that does not list this company as a tenant, the BBB says.

People who have reported this company say they searched for loans online and were contacted by the company by phone. They told they were approved for loans, but due to poor credit, they would need to send payments to the company in advance.

Victims wired the money to Ontario, Canada.

And that’s where they went wrong: Wiring money to people you’ve never met in Canada or anywhere else in the world for almost any reason almost always ends up being a scam.

NOTE: An Internet search reveals that several legitimate lenders use the words Alliance and Lending in their names, so it’s important for consumers to be sure that, if they do go online looking for a loan, that they make sure the people they’re dealing with are for real.

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