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Discussion : Cybercrime news - cyberbegging

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2009-06-24 07:07:38 -
I registered only 2 days ago..and already have been hit with 3 scams..wanting money from they can send me money. I only wanted to save my daughters repossessed car from going to auction,and my mom is dying of 4th. stage lung cancer,metastatis 2nd. in the liver..and has co-pays..its sad..that things can get worse..if your not careful. Anyone caring and honest..can donate to its worldwide and protected..I have asked for a refund from I can't afford to waste what little money I have,and be a target to ripoff artists..Sad in NY,but not giving up hope..

2009-06-24 07:02:46 -
I registered 2 days in desperation to save my daughters car from being repossessed,and my mother is dying of 4th. stage lung cancer,metastatic 2nd. in the liver. So far I've been hit with 3 scams..wanting money from they can send money to me..please be careful people..although we are suffering..its sad to know it can get worse if your not smart. Anyone ligit can donate to your paypal account..I've requested a refund..from cyberbeg..let's see if they come through..

Total 2 comments
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