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Hackers attack Boris as Tories call for crackdown

Date: April 11, 2008
By: Mark Ballard

HACKERS launched an attack on Conservative Party computer systems last week, even as they were touting proposals to get tough on computer crime.

David Davis, shadow home secretary told a conference last week that the Government hadn't done enough to tackle cybercrime.

He implied that hackers should be hit with tougher sentences and the statute should be armed with even more definitions of computer crime.

Meanwhile, hackers had broken into systems belonging to the campaign team for Boris Johnson, the Tory candidate for London Mayor, bringing them down for three hours.

Today's Torygraph reported the latest on the hack: "A senior member of Mr Johnson's team said that its headquarters
in County Hall, London, was the target last week for hackers who broke through a sophisticated computer firewall".

"'They brought the system down for three hours. The technicians said whoever did it was determined to get to us," the source told the paper.

Johnson had been complaining to the papers that his opponents in the Mayoral competition had been trying to smear him. The hack was just one of the ways in which Johnson had been hard done by.

But a spokesman for Johnson's campaign office said today that the reporter had got mixed up. It was merely the case that their network email had gone down and BT engineers were unable to find the source of the problem.
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