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On-chip security: IBM

Date: April 11, 2006
Source: MSNBC News

IBM will unveil a technology on Monday that aims to bring a new level of security to devices such as PDAs and mobile phones that were previously considered vulnerable to attacks.

"SecureBlue", as the technology is called, will enable encryption of data to protect it on the core processors, or central chips, that power such devices. IBM's initiative might put pressure on processor makers Intel and AMD to step up security on their chips.

The invention hard-wires encryption capabilities into a section of the central processor chip, giving a hardware solution that is faster and more efficient than existing security software. IBM hopes to license the technology to chipmakers.

"More than half of enterprise data is not on the servers any more, it's all over the place – on your Blackberry or your phone or laptop or with your business partners," Charles Palmer, manager of security and privacy at IBM Research, told the Financial Times. "These devices are in harm's way, but if they are subject to abuse or attack they will not yield their secrets if they have SecureBlue."
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