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Japan To Outlaw Child Porn Possession

Date: March 11, 2008
By: Vittorio Hernandez

Tokyo, Japan (AHN) - Japan is drafting legislation to ban possession of child pornography, but the prohibition reportedly exempts manga comics and animated film. The draft law is in response to international pressure.

Among G8 countries, Japan and Russia still have yet to ban owning pornographic images of children, as long as the owner does not intend to sell or distribute the images on the Internet. In 1999, Tokyo forbade the production, sale and distribution of pornographic images of children under 18. But, despite the law, Japan remains one of the top suppliers of underage pornography and second biggest consumer after the United States.

Yuka Saito of the Unicef Japan office told Guardian Unlimited it wanted to include manga in the ban, but it was encountering difficulties. "We keep encountering arguments about freedom of expression, but if the U.S. and other countries can ban that kind of material, why does Japan continue to tolerate it?" Saito asked.

Even Japan's legal system is less tough when it comes to printed materials. The October arrest of the U-15 magazine on child prostitution and pornography charges resulted to indictment of the suspects to a less serious charge of violating the Child Welfare Law.

The Tokyo district prosecutor explained, "While the DVDs qualify as child pornography, we have determined that compared to magazine s and other materials being sold, the pornographic content is not very high."

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