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Discussion : Teenage boys biggest viewers of child porn - internal affairs

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2008-03-04 14:52:02 -
Wow, teenage boys are attracted to girls their own age? Who'd have guessed....

Yes, the amount of CP on the internet has soared over the past 3 years, but what people don't seem to realise is that 99.9% of it is self-produced by girls between the ages of 14 and 17. This is NOT what CP laws were made for.

2007-11-11 16:25:25 -

2007-07-27 14:59:29 - unknown
im not straight and i want to see pictures of my own age so please tell me if you have 12 yearold by the way

2007-03-25 17:47:24 -

2007-03-19 13:34:29 - friend
Hi friends,
Everything is fine. Nothing wrong in your desires, but pls be within limits, otherwise very very dificult. Also, be little serious about future. Bye friends, take care.

2006-09-07 23:52:57 -
Very Odd, I didn't think other people thought like that. It's interesting I guess. I'm 13 and a Guy.

2006-06-22 01:33:26 - billy.xo
ahaha ok this is what i think .. we need to see 13,14,15 year old girls .. porn .. hardcore or soft woteva .. we wanna see young girls bodys !! now .. im 15 .. with a girlfriend .. that i havent dune anything with cas shes to young .. and i dont wanna get in trobel cas shes underage .. but soon as she is age im doing her ! but to then i wanna look at really good porn off really young girls .. if anyone has a site like that could u post it on this chat thingy .. cheers .. or yea any girls wanna chat my addy is [email protected]

2006-03-22 20:55:21 - Paul
enough stop the insanity its not worth it getback to god he loves all and forgives all if you ask him

2006-02-12 06:03:59 -

2006-01-26 20:12:37 -
hey all u girls from ohio visit me to do someawesome things later

2006-01-11 18:10:29 -
Man all you guys are freaking awsome
4 real

2006-01-07 17:19:57 -
Hey alone E-mail me please.

2006-01-07 16:13:22 -
Hey Alone I just read your comment and I agree

2006-01-07 16:11:29 -
Hey girls out there Im 14 I have frekles so if any of you girls like frekles e-mail me please I have a 14 year old dick e-mail me at [email protected]

2006-01-07 16:04:10 -
I love big tits

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Total 37 comments
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