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Discussion : Police Warn Residents Of Internet Scam

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2008-01-11 21:37:13 -
An intelligence story can be made about a new human brain scam introduced by a computer relied to the nervous systems of a subversive and criminal organization named WAFA in morocco, using a magnetic weapon for their horrible crimes in casablanca by an equioment with radio, magnetisme, laser emmanation and a numeric camera for audio-visual hallucinations transmitted to the brain of their victims at distance which are killed by a biological transformation and physiological transfer with neuropsychopathologic mental and biological conditionnement not yet repertoried in the clinical deseases.
for more informations see google for the following names : rachid guedira, Othmani, zemmrani mohamed, said benbiga, senhaji abdelaal, hmamsi abdelghafar, khlifa, and the more dangerous criminal raoul yacoubi.

Total 1 comments
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