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Date: January 11, 2007

You probably realized pretty quickly that you didn't really win $20 million in the Rainbow Lotto International Sweepstakes. And hopefully, you hit "delete" when a wealthy foreigner offered you a cut of his fortune if only you would help him transport millions of dollars from his war-torn country.

But even the most hardened Internet criminal - trying to weasel his way into your pocket from a computer far away - wouldn't lie about a cuddly English bulldog puppy named Borman, right?

That's what Cynthia Alvarez of San Jose, Calif., thought when she wired $1,000 to a dog breeder online in the hope of surprising her husband, Julio, with the pup on Christmas morning.

Instead, the breeder, who called himself Dr. Don Anderson, demanded Alvarez wire more and more money to his accountant in Ashtabula, to cover the dog's travel expenses, food and paper-work.

Alvarez sent the money, but Christmas came and went. And just when Alvarez realized she had been cheated out of $1,600, the breeder disappeared.

Alvarez fell victim to the "puppy scam," one of the newest tricks in the book among Internet scam artists, said Sue McConnell, public relations director for the Better Business Bureau of Cleveland.
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