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Discussion : Child-porn images found on priest's computer

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2009-09-26 08:08:53 -
any one can still accsess some sort of child pornography and it makes me sick no matter if your the holyest man in the wrld. it scares me as i have kids for instance type in child pornography and u see all the info advice etc on google but what i didnt prepare my self for was a religion called nudism and they pose explisit pics of kids all ages as well as adults obiviously with no clothes on and i felt sick it just goes to show how easy is still is to access this.

2005-01-19 22:47:08 -
Centuries old problem that has hit the front burner in the last 20 yrs. Instead of witch hunts and turning backs on these people, we should be helping them.

I was sexually abused as a child.

I became an abuser myself (Never thought i'd do what was done to me (did my time too)

Abuse Begets Abuse.

Bet it happened to someone close to you as well

2005-01-19 00:56:06 -
What a sick man... I went to this church, and lived right nearby before moving to Nevada... I guess he was into doing magic... seemed like a nice guy... but this goes to show how dark and ugly people can be behind closed doors. God help the Catholic church... these have been sad times for it the past few years...

2004-11-13 10:07:01 -
He computer was probably infected with a virus that downloaded all that porn content atuomatically. Or maiby now :) hehehe...

Total 4 comments
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