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Global strategies to fight cybercrime

Date: October 10, 2007

Formal policy proposals submitted by the Global Cyber-security Agenda (GCA) will be put into action this week in order to create a stronger “global movement” towards curbing cybercrime.

The GCA is an International Telecommunications Union (ITU) framework that was set up in May. It aims to create international cooperation, with the goal of proposing strategies for solutions to enhance confidence and security in the information society.

The call to action comes after a gathering hosted by the ITU in Geneva on Friday, attended by over 50 cybercrime experts.

The conference looked at global strategies to fight cybercrime and agree on concrete steps towards the reduction of cyber threats and other misuses of ICT.

“After all the talk and policy proposals, the ITU is now coordinating action,” says Dr Alexander Ntoko, chief e-strategist on security at the ITU.

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