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Most infamous computer hacker

Date: October 10, 2006

Just two years ago, Port Charlotte resident Troy Bettencourt was stationed within miles of the White House.

As part of a multinational computer crimes and espionage task force, he was teamed with investigators from the British government, the FBI, the Army and NASA, all working together to bring down Gary McKinnon, the most infamous computer hacker of all time.

These days, Bettencourt works much closer to home. He still spends his days dissecting and decoding intricate computer systems, sifting out cyber-criminals. But, he says, his labor is much more heartfelt.

Last month, Bettencourt, 32, and his wife, Jenifer, 30, started a home-based business helping parents keep their children safe from Internet-based predators.

EyezOn Internet Monitoring provides parents with daily reports of their children's Internet activity, including chat, e-mail, Web browsing and peer-to-peer downloading.
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