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Scammers' e-mails asking for id

Date: September 10, 2006

Scam artists are now attempting to use the name of one of West Michigan's largest banks. An e-mail asking for personal information was sent to many of the bank's customers. This is a scam called phishing and while it's not new, it can still cost you, if you're not careful.

Velma Lee Ragsdale has boxes full of letters she's received. They are all scam letters.

"I've been getting them for years," Ragsdale says. "There's just no stopping. From the same people over and over and over again."

Ragsdale says many of the letters ask her to deposit a check, keep a portion of the money, but send the rest back.

"When I first got them, I was really excited," Ragsdale said. "Especially when I got those checks telling me to deposit them and everything. If they would have took them, I would have deposited them."

But, Ragsdale's bank recognized the scam and didn't let her deposit the fake checks. Similar scams, called phishing, can also be found online.
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