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Discussion : Porn prevention on the Net

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2009-05-18 11:09:22 - john
this needs to be stopped child pornography is terrible

2007-10-05 19:44:21 -
This is an out rage. In less than an hour I was able to come across over 100 underage porn sites. Easy to notice they were not of age. Who is supposed to be stopping these people? They are terrible at it.
If you know any place to do quick reports I will help terminate these sick people. It's wrong and it hurts kids.

2004-11-05 12:45:23 -
The police are doing a very good deed. I am 19 years old and I have written to local newspapers about this horror on the Internet. I would like to know more information if anyone could give me some. Thanks.

Total 3 comments
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