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How to run safe on the Internet

Date: August 10, 2007

Each new report of stolen personal data by a hacker leaves computer users everywhere feeling more vulnerable. But there are a variety of measures a computer owner or user can employ to stop hackers and damaging computer viruses. The Federal Trade Commission offers these 10 steps to prevent unwelcome intrusions to your computer:

Use anti-virus software: Most viruses usually enter a computer as an attachment to an e-mail. A virus can wreak ha voc on computer data and lead to costly repairs. Anti-virus software scans a computer and your e-mail for viruses, and then deletes them.

Regularly update anti-virus software: Much commercial anti-virus software allows users to download updates automatically via the Internet.

Install a firewall, which can block hackers from accessing your computer: A proper firewall masks your IP address, and blocks all communications from unauthorized sources. If you purchase a new computer equipped with firewall protection, make sure it gets turned on and runs properly before browsing the Web.
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