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Computer virus strains

Date: July 10, 2006

Computer users in Thailand and other Asian countries have been warned of 26 computer virus strains spreading across the region via electronic mails (e-mails), according to a leading computer software manufacturer.

As internet and viruses know no national boundaries, the warning applies to any country in the world.

The 26 computer virus strains are worms in the RONTKBR.GEN family, which were first identified last year but have been spreading in wider areas across the region, according to manufacturer Trend Micro Incorporated, a leading world provider of comprehensive antivirus, Internet content security, and outbreak management software and services.

The worms are spreading through "no subject" e-mails, and had reportedly destroyed nearly 16,000 computers so far, the company warned in a statement released to the local press on Sunday.

The company's experts concede it is hard to contain the worms as their attack begins once the "no subject" e-mails are temptingly opened and they immediately modify host files which prevent any anti-virus function.

The Silicon Valley (California)-based company is represented in Thailand by Trend Micro (Thailand).

Trend Micro said Thailand is now among the top ten Asian economies where the worms are mostly spreading and destroying local computer systems.
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