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Phishing on the rise

Date: July 10, 2005
Source: Computer Crime Research Center
By: CCRC staff

Postini, the industry 's leading provider of email security and management services, today announced that phishing attempts in June were once again on the rise and had increased sharply compared with the previous month. The number of phishing attempts, which had been decreasing over the past two months, reached its second highest level since Postini started tracking phishing rates. Only March saw a higher number of phishing attempts from email scam artists in 2005.

Postini protected its customers from 16,667,444 phishing attempts, a 71 percent average per day increase compared to May.

“Phishing attempts will continue to plague enterprise users for the foreseeable future,” said Andrew Lochart, senior director of marketing at Postini. “As long as phishing remains a threat to businesses and their employees, it is imperative that businesses implement strong spam and phishing defenses.”

While phishing scams were on the rise in June, there was a decrease in the number of virus infected email messages this month. The number of directory harvest attacks (DHAs) against corporate networks also decreased in June compared with last month. Postini saw a 23 percent drop in the average number of DHA’s per day against enterprise networks.

The top ten viruses for June were:

Virus Name Quantity Detected

mytob 42,564,787
netsky 9,678,418
mime 5,204,341
bankfraud 4,166,861
bagle 2,984,403
zafi 1,397,793
downloader-abl 1,311,393
mydoom 1,049,130
lovgate 1,025,157
klez 218,789

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