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Microsoft to issue 10 patches

Date: June 10, 2005

Microsoft will issue 10 fixes for its Windows operating system and other programs next Tuesday, as part of its monthly security patching cycle.

Seven fixes will be issued for the Windows OS, with at least one of these described by Microsoft as “critical”.

In addition, the Exchange e-mail server will get one fix, rated “important” by the company, and two “moderate” threats will be addressed in the Windows Services for Unix, ISA Server and Small Business Server products.

Windows Services for Unix provides tools to integrate Windows with Unix and Linux environments, and ISA Server is a firewall and Web caching solution.

A “critical” rating by Microsoft is usually applied to a security threat that requires no action by a user to be exploited by an attacker, and can mean a system can be potentially taken over.

Microsoft will also release an updated version of its Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool next Tuesday. This free on-line tool detects and removes known malicious code already placed on computers.
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