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Child porn case 'Internet at its worst'

Date: June 10, 2005

A Crown prosecutor says charges against a man accused of molesting a young girl constitute the first time an Alberta court has dealt with a case of child pornography being broadcast live on the Internet via a webcam.

"This file is a good example of the Internet at its worst," Steve Bilodeau said outside the court yesterday.

Cory Lee Nelson, 36, of Fort McMurray, Alta., is charged with distributing child pornography, sexual interference, sexual assault, counselling sexual interference and counselling sexual assault following an international investigation that began April 4.

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A woman in Missouri reported a girl between five and nine years of age being molested by a man during a webcam broadcast she was watching.

She had been talking to the man by phone during the broadcast, but ended the call when she saw what was happening. She got the man's phone number from her call display and contacted police, who traced the number to a Fort McMurray cellphone.
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