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Cybercrime in Saudi Arabia

Date: April 10, 2007

The Saudi Arabian government recently drafted tough new laws targeting electronic crimes; GITEX Preview’s Eliot Beer spoke to Dr Abdulrahman Al-Shenaifi, senior advisor on IT and security to the Saudi Interior Ministry about the new measures taken and explored the current risk environment in the Middle East.

GITEX PREVIEW: Looking at the cybercrime laws, what are you involved in at the moment in Saudi Arabia - what is your main focus with the laws?

DR ABDULRAHMAN AL SHENAIFI: The cybercrime unit is part of the security organisation - the public security section of the Ministry of the Interior of Saudi Arabia - within the investigations unit.

I’m in charge of building this unit to fit in with the direction of the MoI (Ministry of the Interior), and we will be closing the RFP in a few weeks; it’s the newest addition to the public security system for fighting crimes. It’s going to be very challenging work - we will be establishing our forensic labs, we will be training our staff to manage this technology, and also training investigative officers in cybercrime.
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